The 2QB Experience - 035 - Cody Kessler

December 29, 2016

Episode 35:  The Cody Kessler Experience

In this final regular season episode, your hosts kick things off by trying to pin down do-not-draft candidates and the best bets at quarterback to climb into the top-5 in 2017. After those absurdly early forecasts, they dive into current news and try to untangle the fantasy mess that is Week 17. The more meaningful games are given a little extra attention, as most teams don't have much to play for, and then the episode's quarterback spotlight is focused on Cody Kessler. Your hosts compare his prospects to other Cleveland signal callers, reexamine Ben Cummins' comparison of Kessler to Andy Dalton, and discuss how the Browns may approach the 2017 draft. They wrap things up with a handful of season's end thank yous and a look ahead to what TwoQBs has in store for the offseason.
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