The 2QB Experience - 034 - Blake Bortles

December 20, 2016

Episode 34:  The Blake Bortles Experience

Your hosts Greg Smith (@gregsauce) and Joshua Lake (@LakeTwoQBs) recap Week 15, with discussion of Tom Savage's overdue replacement of Brock Osweiler, Matt Moore's 4-TD week, Tom Brady's struggles against Denver, the varying results of other good quarterbacks in tough match-ups, the value of rushing stats from quarterbacks, and Aaron Rodgers' worst game of the year.  Blake Bortles is the episode's spotlight quarterback, and your hosts examine the short- and long-term value of him after Gus Bradley's firing.  The Jaguars' receivers are also discussed, along with speculation about Bortles' willingness to prepare harder in the upcoming offseason.  After the bulk of the slandering is over, Josh & Greg look ahead to Week 16, where Bortles has a very nice match-up against Tennessee.  They wrap up with talk of the overall playoff picture, plus a more focused Week 16 view on Derek Carr, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and the quarterback wasteland in Los Angeles.  
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