The 2QB Experience - 046 - Schedules and Stacks with Ben Cummins

July 26, 2017

Episode 46: Schedules and Stacks with Ben Cummins

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Host Greg Smith (@gregsauce) is joined by Ben Cummins (@BenCumminsFF) to discuss fantasy strategy surrounding quarterbacks around the league, including the battle between Trevor Siemian & Paxton Lynch in Denver (3:10), Carson Palmer and the impact of early-season schedules (11:09), drafting from the bountiful middle-tier of passers (19:51), Alex Smith vs. Sam Bradford (25:58), and when to handcuff backups like Jimmy Garoppolo (29:48).  The balance of the episode touches on the Scott Fish Bowl (#SFB7) and the lessons it can apply to other formats, like understanding league settings (34:10), playing the RB lottery (37:02), how to make strategic sacrifices in drafts (42:01), when stacking can work in redraft (48:10), identifying undervalued wide receivers (54:04), and determining drafting mistakes to improve strategic processes (56:47).

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